Over a decade ago I was on a mission to figure out what was "wrong" with me. I was unwell and sickly.

I took the list of all my symptoms to several specialists and after countless tests, doctor visits and credit cards maxed out, they told me "it was in my head" and prescribed antidepressants. I knew I had to leave the conventional ways behind.

Our systems, even many so-called "alternative" ones, are not set up to support self-healing. This requires embarking on a whole new path, leaving the old misguided conventional model behind.

I have the pleasure of educating so many as they reclaim themselves from the brokenness that is the current medical paradigm only to then reclaim their wholeness.

I'm here to tell you that you can re-connect to that innate intelligence in your body and in your life. It has never turned on you and has always been guiding you towards deeper healing.


Dr. Steph educates on mycotoxicity, heavy metal toxicity, disturbed detox pathways, autoimmunity, disrupted hormones, infertility and those seemingly "mysterious" ailments.


I've spent 15 years finding the best ways to heal chronic dis-ease and immersed myself in discovering what makes people well.

This digital guidebook is a no-nonsense resource with the top ways I have returned to wellness and have helped teach hundreds do the same.